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Site Info: by Carnie Pollock

I first read one of Edmund Cooper's books when I was 14 years old. Sadly he had passed away three years before that time. The book had such an impression on me that I re-read it dozens of times over the years. The title was 'The Overman Culture' and it was a story about a boy who discovers the truth about himself and his importance for mankind. It was the first of many Edmund Cooper books that I read in my teenage years.

Edmund Cooper is just one of many authors that I collect. The others include: Philip Jose Farmer, Robert Silverberg, Stephen Donaldson, Larry Niven, Arthur C. Clarke.....etc (okay - just think of escapist Sci-fi). However, 'The Overman Culture' is in my top ten Sci-fi books of all time. Edmund Cooper has always been able to amaze me with his fantastic story concepts; his books are always page turners that you can't put down. One of my other favourites is a book called 'Sea-Horse in the Sky' where some aircraft passengers wake up in plastic coffins in a middle of a road.

I started work on this website in the Spring of 2006. The idea came to me when I was looking on the internet for any Edmund Cooper titles that I hadn't read. There weren't many websites out there which came as a big surprise. After all, he was an incredible writer with a fantastic array of works.

There are criticisms of his work. Many say that he is very sexist but forget that he came from an era where attitudes were different from today. As a woman, I still enjoy his works. He also comes under fire for being an atheist but I think that makes his fiction refreshing (there are too many Sci-Fi books out there with religious elements). There are also criticisms of his life but his alcohol-related death is simply a tragedy linked to his traumatic past which also influenced his works.

I have made many websites (no I'm not going to plug them) and some of them are Science Fiction. The idea to make a site myself was something I knew would give me great pleasure and gave me a sense of purpose as I was overcoming a long-term illness. I started to gather all the information I could find and bought my last few books on eBay. I went on a mammoth Edmund Cooper reading spree and immersed myself in his universes. It made me more determined than ever to complete this site.

So here it is, after many many months of work. I have to say a big thanks to my husband and our three young children for putting up with Mummy forever on the computer. Also a big thankyou to the Edmund Cooper Literary Trust and Edmund's family for their help.

This is for Edmund Cooper - you changed my universe!

York, UK
October 2006

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